I’m Back!

May 21, 2022

No, this is not Michael Jordan faxing in his basketball return message. This is me just wanting to let the ether know I’m back and will be more active. A lot of things have been going on in the blockchain world, I hope to share my experiences with you all. Although blogging will not be the main form of communication, here will be the hub where you can find me…

Price – Who cares

August 17, 2019

Does current price matter to you? Do you HODL, day trade or swing trade? I am at a point where it really doesn’t matter. If you HODL a portion of your portfolio and review it in a few year, you should come out ahead. You really have to be patience, not only with crypto but with everything in life. Most things take time and this is no different. The other…

DCA – Proven

August 12, 2019

You can’t time the market, if you could you would be quite rich. Everyone wants to buy the dip, buy low and sell high. That is a given. But to ensure you are always in the game, make sure you buy regularly, same amount same day. This can be every day, week or month. This buying method is called Dollar Cost Averaging. If you do this, you will win.